Bath Bombs have health benefits

Bath Bombs have health benefits

Posted by Linda Tacey on 5th Jul 2017

Feeling guilty about having a long bath? Whilst bath bombs help you relax and  feel pampered, this effervesce bath is full of health benefits.

* helps remove dead skin sells
* aids body in detoxification
* exfoliates the skin
* helps with body odor
* relaxes muscle tension and stress 

Bath bombs have two main ingredients: Bicarbonate Soda (also know as Baking Soda and Citric acid)

Baking Soda helps regulate pH levels. Given its alkalizing (or basic) pH of approximately 9.0, baking soda counteracts the acidity that accumulates in the body. Baking soda is useful to regulate by buffering the pH of cells, tissues, and voltage homeostasis within cells. It is also useful to increase oxygenation and carbon dioxide. Baking soda can also be used to aid the body in the detoxification process.

Baking soda can also help to neutralize body odor and helps wash away oil and perspiration. All of these miraculous benefits as well as relieving muscle tension and stress.

Citric acid is also alkaline in nature and helps to balance the acid levels in the body. It is also an antioxidant, which makes it a favorable product to be used in skin care products. Citric acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), making it a good agent to remove dead skin cells and exfoliating the skin.

So next time you sneak off to have an effervesce bath just remember all the good that you are doing for your body and well being.

Other uses:

Foot Soak: 

Add one bath bomb to a large bucket of warm water and make a foot soak to sooth your feet The citric acid in the bath bomb can also help to eliminate foot odor.

Wholesale bath bombs:

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